Town Centre Monitor has been developed to answer questions about town centre economic performance and dynamics, such as:

How important are town centres to the economy?

What value does my town centre create for my local economy and society?

How have town centres changed and evolved over recent years?

Town Centre Monitor is a tool that generates new insight into the economic value, performance and nature of town centres across the UK.  Data-driven, highly flexible and available either in a standardised report or fully customisable form, it will tell you more about the economic and social aspects of your town centre than any other data source.

Town Centre Monitor enables you to:

  • Build your knowledge – for the first time, understanding how important your town centre is as an economic driver, or social space
  • Make your case – allowing you to make evidence-based arguments about the importance of your town centre
  • Track change over the last decade – understanding how the economic size and other dynamics have changed
  • Understand relative performance and value – comparing town centres within your area
  • Get bespoke, relevant data – moving away from arbitrary administrative boundaries and building your case on a statistically comparable, government sanctioned approach.

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